Introducing The Team


Karen Stirling

Karen Stirling is a long-time business owner and researcher who bring decades of experience and knowledge to her role as a consultant, leadership coach, advisor and sounding board.

Leaders of multi-billion dollar businesses trust Karen Stirling’s advice. She has served as company president, vice president, and managing partner of her own businesses and has successfully navigated many of the same challenges faced by her business clients. Similarly, she is a valued partner with philanthropic organizations, academia and nonprofit organizations and has extensive experience working with their unique needs. In her own business endeavors, Karen has successfully dealt with issues such as team building, strategic planning, budgeting, project management, client relations, and managing, leading and developing staff. Her professional career includes co-founding two firms, founding Stirling Advisors, Inc, as well as senior level experience as an administrator of a multi-physician center, and as director of research and an associate for an executive search firm.

While she is a believer in intuition, Karen Stirling knows that a good leadership coach also needs a broad array of tools to expand leadership capacity. As a consultant she has conducted management studies, environmental scans, and team effectiveness analyses to help companies overcome challenges and effectively manage change. As a result, Karen Stirling has successfully guided the integration of new departments, staff alignment and restructuring initiatives, and has assisted corporate leaders in designing and implementing programs aimed at creating more collaborative corporate cultures and leveraging organizational talent.

Whatever your role or objectives, Karen Stirling can help you increase your potential.