Executive Forum


Stirling Advisors recognizes the difficulty in navigating the stormy waters of change. We have built communities designed to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be. This is done, in part, by connecting executives, facilitating learning and knowledge, encouraging networking and strategic partnerships, and sharing best practices. Through the use of carefully designed exercises and experienced guidance, business owners and executives are able to clarify mission, vision, challenges, and plans. For these communities, gaining insight, wisdom, and knowledge in a small group setting of seven to ten dedicated professionals creates a powerful experience and allows adequate floor time for each executive.

Participants shared that they gained value and insight from:

  • Dedicated time to focus and develop business ideas
  • Concentrated and concrete steps with time to complete exercises that clarified mission, vision, challenges, and plans
  • Focused sharing with others facing similar challenges
  • Balanced workload for the day – all hands on rather than "lecture"
  • Addressed tension between personal and business plans – "was right on target"
  • Networked with other senior leaders – "there was a good mix in the group"

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